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FreaksJust finished reading Chris Brogan’s new book The Freaks will Inherit the Earth.

A freak is someone who is not afraid to challenge the status quo.  They have passions that are atypical of the corporate world or might be considered weird by some.  I think the idea is to think of them like the misfits and crazy ones from the famous Apple commercial.

Freaks reads like Chris’ weekly newsletters.  If you subscribe, the book’s tone and style will seem very familiar.  He has also launched a digital magazine recently called Owner.  What is interesting to me from a marketing perspective is how synergistic these three endeavors are.  I doubt it is an accident that they complement each other so well.  They probably serve as a lead generation tool for each other while creating platforms for Chris to serve his audience.  It is quite brilliant.

My only quibble with the book is the title.  I don’t have any issue with the word freaks in its intended context.  However, I don’t think you have to be a freak in the Brogan sense to get a lot of value from the book especially the part about systems (more on that below.)  Some people who could benefit might overlook the book.

Themes and Takeaways
I’d describe Chris’ definition of a successful entrepreneur as someone who can convert fear into action, is passionate, highly disciplined, focused on serving her communities and, well, kind.  In large part, the book is about these attributes and how you can acquire or refine them.

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Kina GrannisAn email string in the Boston Content community referred to using music in projects like podcasts, explainer videos and movies.  Lots of musicians use a creative commons license to allow their music to be used in productions without payment.  While some are restricted to non-commercial projects, most artists just want attribution or a link if possible.  There are also sites where you can buy music to use for as little as $1.00.

Before sharing my list, I would also point out a site called Music Radio Creative where you can select one other their professional voice actors, send them a short script and they will produce a professional podcast intro/jingle e.g. “Welcome to the Boston Content Show with host…”  Pretty cool service and it costs about $20.00

Sample sites for accessing free or low-cost music for podcasts, audio projects and films
Audio Jungle — Fantastic quality, many songs requirement but lots are $1.00
Audionautix — Good selection, don’t believe you have to even give credit, good interface
ccMixter — probably the largest audio archive but the interface is a little unwieldy. Great search capabilities.
Dano Songs — Small selection but has song descriptions to make it easy to find genre you want
Free Play Music — Large selection, may have to pay, probably wouldn’t start at this one
Free Stock Music — No credit required, good selection and interface
Incompetech — Very popular but often used for movies, some songs sound a little electronic
JewelBeat — Large selection, but you have to hunt…pay site but songs are less than $3.00
Musopen — Tends to have lots of classical music
Scott Buckley — Tends to be more movie oriented, free for non-commercial use
SoundCloud — Huge selection, many ways to search…I find a great way to search this archive is via a Creative Commons search
Vimeo — Huge selection, many cost less than $3.00
YouTube — Free songs from YouTube

Alyce Currier of Wistia chimed in to add Marmoset and Tunefruit  as additional sources plus noted that Dan Mills, their in-house musician offers free tracks.

10 of my favorite voice-over tracks after the jump

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In a recent episode of Marketing Over Coffee, co-host John J. Wall interviewed John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Selling.  I had not heard of the book before but was intrigued enough to buy a copy.

Companies have always won on based on value creation and problem solving.  Today, a customer’s experience dealing with you and their level of trust in you matters more than ever.  The Internet knows if you are a dog and prospects can find your competition easier than ever.

The Confluence of Sales & Marketing
Jantsch characterizes the situation nicely.  He says marketing used to own the message and sales owned the relationships.  Today, there is a confluence of the two disciplines that requires salespeople to own a little of both.  Duct Tape Selling is a practical guide for salespeople and their managers to take advantage of these new realities.

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